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Miranda Purcell



Miranda Purcell is a puertorrican actress, primarily known in the Latin-American market for her performance as the lead in the awarded film “Antes que cante el gallo." She earned her B.F.A. in Theater Arts at Rutgers University, program where she specialized in the Meisner technique. She also studied Shakespearean acting at The Globe in London. After graduating and working as a screenwriter at "The Writer's Gang," she recognized her interest in investigating diverse forms of storytelling. Currently, Purcell is pursuing a master's degree in Journalism at Harvard University while she continues to develop her acting career participating in both local and international productions. You can catch her in the upcoming apocalyptic film "Era del Silencio", which is set to premiere on October 2024. 

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"The first-timer Purcell delivers one of those performances whose inexpressiveness is deliberately chosen to hide the permanent maelstrom of emotions churning over inside her."

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