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Miranda Purcell



Straight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miranda Purcell is an upcoming actress that has been turning heads in the Latin-American market from an early age. Her film debut as the lead in the awarded film “Antes que cante el gallo” gained her stellar reviews from the Hollywood Reporter, allowed her to work with crème-of-the-crop industry professionals, and opened the door to many international connections. Aside from her acting training in Rutgers University, Miranda has a strong dance background, singing abilities, and is trilingual. She also has experience as an award presenter in the prestigious “Premios Platino” and as a virtual moderator for an economic development project. Most recently, you can find her in a guest appearance in season 2 of Crackle’s TV show “The Oath”. During the pandemic, her interest in expanding her artistic reach landed her the position of PA in the production company “Cinetrix” where she collaborated with various Latin celebrities. In the future, she hopes to enter the playwrighting profession and share her own perspective of current events.

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"The first-timer Purcell delivers one of those performances whose inexpressiveness is deliberately chosen to hide the permanent maelstrom of emotions churning over inside her."

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